Mothers and Fathers Speak

Thank you so much for making the birth of my son the most phenomenal experience of my life. Your confidence, expertise and professionalism allowed me to have a magical birth with no interventions. It also got us nursing comfortably from the very beginning. Plus, your warmth and humour made it all very fun. So Ganesh, “God of new beginnings” and “ God of good fortune” seems an appropriate gift for you- I feel very fortunate to have found you!

Marsha Gay

The prospect of childbirth terrified me… but when the time came I felt in such good hands and so thoroughly supported that it turned into an extraordinary experience- it was my dream come true, and that doesn’t happen often in life! Your presence and guidance with breath and sound enabled me to find the pathway through the earthquake of birthing my baby. You stayed with me so consistently, never letting me lose my focus. It’s a very demanding job that you have- and you are exceptional at it. Thank you for everything.

Angela Atkinson

The connection and open-heartedness that filled the room during labour was like the very best moments of a meditation retreat spread over hours and hours!

Rick Eckley

Thank you for making Caleb’s birth such an awe inspiring and gentle wonder. Thank you for your magic and those sounds that called upon the goddesses and ancestors to bring him so well into the world. I still think about the birth each day. Do you think it will be like that for the rest of my life?

Lynne and Kevin

Words are not enough- but I know for sure Lei-Lui’s birth wouldn’t have been so beautiful without you- we are forever thankful for all your help, advice, deep humming! and always being there- especially when my milk came in!!! You are always in our hearts.
~ first birth

Deep gratitude, Crescence. Everything is wonderful.
~ second birth

Tanya Heaps and Aidan Leroux

It was a pleasure to have you working with me and supporting Bill during Emily’s birth. I really connected with you and your spirit was uplifting. Your support helped me have the most painless labour I could have imagined; it was beautiful and smooth in spite of the difficult birth.

Leslie and Bill Greene

The other day Stephen and I were talking about you, trying to figure out what we appreciated most about the support you gave us over the last few months. The pre-birth meetings were hugely helpful and really diminished our fear; your company at the hospital mattered to us a lot- even though the birth did not unfold as expected- because you were always unfailingly encouraging, particularly when I was feeling disappointed and frustrated. But I think I feel the most gratitude about how you coached Elijah and me through our first hours together- that special, vulnerable, awkward time. He’s such a good little eater now and I know that without your help in those exhausting early morning hours we would have had a much harder time of it. And it’s not just because I was feeling groggy and drugged that I think of your work then as magical! We were very lucky to have you there.

Sarah Fulford and Stephen Marche

Everyone should have a Crescence at their birth! Your wisdom and positive, soothing energy truly guided us through this amazing emotional and physical journey. Your words and sounds brought clarity and focus and gave us all a path to follow that was full of trust and faith and without fear. Jon and I have everything we could have asked for from this experience- including a beautiful, healthy baby. Our parents were so overwhelmed by your presence! Their memories of this remarkable experience are happy and peaceful. We have a wonderful story to tell our son. Thank you Crescence.

Susan Westmoreland