Finding your Doula

A doula’s presence can mean the difference between a long, difficult birth and one that moves with grace. She creates intimate space where Life can flow. Your family can join you in this space and share their love. Medical staff is more likely to enter this realm with respect.

Here are ideas for when you meet with me or other potential doulas. You might interview your doctor or midwife too!

Find someone who can be quiet and still: who can listen, who can receive. Someone who is gentle.

Find someone who is not afraid of Birth, or of you. Not afraid of your fear, or your pain. Not afraid of your passion.

Find someone who can join you with touch, breath and sound and can stay with you, hour after hour. Someone who is strong.

Find someone who knows her own body. She will be able to know yours and what it needs. Find someone who can grow her roots down to the centre of the earth and be your tether, your witness, your friend.

New Born