Doula Partners

Isabel Perez

Crescence and Isabel have supported each other as doulas over the last nineteen years, providing back-up for each otherís clients.

Isabel Perez has helped women give birth over the last thirty-three years. She trained as a midwife with the renowned Ina May Gaskin, working with her and the Farm midwives in Tennessee for four years before moving to Toronto, where she continued to practice midwifery for eleven years, until 1993. Since then, she has served women as a doula. Isabel grew up in Guatemala, where the seed of her spiritual understanding was planted by her great-grandmother, a Mayan midwife, and her father, a shaman. It flowers now in her birth work and teaching. For more of Isabelís story: A Life in Birth

Isabel offers women extended post-partum care as well. She has passed this aspect of her work on to two of her daughters and together they provide a full range of services during both the day and night, including meal preparation and laundry, breastfeeding support, baby care and mother care.

Contact Isabel: 416.419.0122;

Sarah Walton

Becoming a doula has been a natural step in Sarahís evolution as a healer. Sarah has been a shiatsu therapist and reflexologist for fifteen years. She studied Kinesiology at York University for two years and then transferred to the Tokyo Health Institute for another two years to receive her Shiatsu Certificate from them. Also obtaining her reflexology certificate, Sarah became a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada in 1997.

After giving birth to her daughter, a continuing interest in the marvels of the human condition led to the study of yoga with Dharmanidhi Saraswati from the Bihar School; she completed a 180 hour training in Classical Hatha Yoga and then later, a 500 hour training with Xenia Splawinski in 2005.

Being introduced to the healing paradigm of Ayurveda in these courses, and recognizing its compliment with shiatsu theory and yoga, a new pathway of support and healing was opened. Sarah's study of ayurvedic massage with Andrea Olivera fueled the agni/fire to digest further studies of Ayurveda with Matthew Remski at Renaissance Yoga. This training is ongoing and through it, Sarah truly understands the impact of birth on a woman's well-being. Pregnancy, labour and forty-two days after birth form what is called the "sacred window" that creates the foundation for the health of both mother and child for the next stages of life.

The great opportunity of apprenticing and studying with Crescence Krueger at Heart of Birth since 2010, and volunteering at Bumi Sehat alongside Robin Lim and her team of midwives and healers, is the ground to which she arrives at being a doula.

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