Service Structure and Fees

I work in friendship with you and your family. While I charge a fee, my work is not “business”. To be truly of service to you, a mutually honest and respectful relationship is essential.

Before Birth: We’ll meet, two to four times, for about two hours each. This will give us time to get to know one another. You can share your history and your hopes.

I will give you a simple, complete understanding of birth and how we can nurture its smooth unfolding. Understanding and dealing with pain is a central part of this work.

If you are interested in receiving a personal yoga practice, I can give this to you too. Your practice will nourish your pregnancy and be a wonderful preparation for giving birth.

We will stay in telephone contact, particularly in the last weeks of your pregnancy.

Birth: I am on-call for you day and night. Isabel Perez is our back up and she is on-call for you as well. If you go into labour, or are unsure about whether you are in labour, you will call me and we will go from there. I will come to you, wherever you are, when you want me.

I will stay with you until a couple of hours after you have given birth.  Usually I am the one who helps you with latching your baby and I don’t leave until you are happy that I do.

After Birth: We will meet once or twice for an hour or two. Breastfeeding is usually the main focus, along with your own healing and care. The opportunity to talk about your birth can be valuable in integrating the experience. For any reason, I am always a phone call away.

$1,500.00. I ask for a deposit of $600.00 when you hire me.