Testament to the role of breastfeeding as the matrix of the mother-child relationship is the fact that when breastfeeding is going well, peace and comfort reign. When it is not going well, there is such pain and doubt. Nursing your child is not just the way to give her/him everything s/he needs nutritionally and immunologically, it is a way for you to give and receive  love in a form that is tangible to you both. This love extends out into the family as a whole.

Crescence is skilled in the art and science of breastfeeding. She nursed her daughter and knows that their connection is rooted in the wordless dance of give and take that breastfeeding engendered. She was a leader in the international breastfeeding organization La Leche League, running the Riverdale group in Toronto for five years. Her first work with mothers was doing breastfeeding consulting and postpartum care in their homes. Through the years Crescence has had valuable contact with Dr. Jack Newman, a paediatrician known for his outspoken passion and intelligent work with mothers and babies. She has shared her knowledge publicly in various media and sat on the editorial board of The Breastfeeding Network News, a publication distributed to physicians, nurses, midwives and others in the community by Toronto Public Health.

Breastfeeding support is part of what Crescence brings to her work as a doula. Although mother and child naturally want to come together after the birth, there are often challenges to this happening.  How you give birth will affect your baby’s ability to root and suckle and will also affect your ability to bring your baby to your breast. Medical staff sometimes actively interferes with your and your baby’s connection, both during the birth and immediately after.

Today the priority is not to constantly repeat that ‘Breast is Best.’ It is to wonder how the capacity to breastfeed develops. It is to rediscover the basic needs of women in labour… We are at a turning point in the history of childbirth… The issue of breast- feeding cannot be dissociated from the issue of childbirth.
                                                        Michel Odent

Crescence sees protecting and nurturing the mother-baby union as a vital part of her role at a birth and in the visits she makes after the birth. There is an art to breastfeeding, one passed from generation to generation. If this link has been broken in your family, conscious attention is needed to mend it.

Crescence also works with women who haven’t had her presence at their birth. Visits are leisurely, giving time to talk, receive practical help in positioning and latching your baby, and delve into any other issues around your and your family’s well being. Crescence can also serve as a resource to information and support within the community. As in birth, mother and child flourish when a woman has the support of her family, her health care providers and the larger community. This support is often heartbreakingly absent, but it can be found!

To breastfeed is to continue to embody the Feminine force that brought your child through you. Its nurturing strength binds you and your child in Life. Love becomes a felt experience rather than an abstract sentiment.

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For breastfeeding resources, including Dr. Jack Newman's video clips and handouts on specific breastfeeding issues see the resource page.

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