The Yoga of Birth

This workshop gives a thorough exploration of what birth is and how you, the birthing woman, can participate in and facilitate the process. Equally, this is an opportunity for your partner to understand how their presence can give you strength and ease pain. Each of you will tread a path through Birth that can deepen your connection to each other, to your new child and to the wider world.

The principles of Yoga apply precisely to Birth because Yoga is the art of connecting to Life! Breath, sound, movement and relationship are the tools we will explore. These tools deepen our ability to receive and give. If we can receive Birth, we can then give Birth!

A small group setting allows for an experience that addresses the issues of your personal situation. While much information is shared (you will not be missing any information that you would get in a hospital course), the core of this workshop is accessing the knowledge and wisdom that is already in you. This is what gets a baby born most easily! You move, draw, talk and listen, forging your own way in this very ordinary, yet extraordinary union with Life!

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