Crescence links the understanding of Life that authentic Yoga gives us to Birth. In this reunion of knowledge and wisdom, she offers a container for receiving Life and giving Birth in wholeness, presence and grace.

Teaching Yoga as an immersion and integration with Life, Crescence passes on a simple, potent way to be well and whole. Study with Mark Whitwell imbues her life as a mother, doula and yogi. She teaches and births throughout Toronto, rooting her work in the personal relationships she forges with her students and clients.

Over the last fifteen years, Crescence and Isabel Perez have provided each other with back up for births and shared a respect for the Feminine force with Isabel’s mentor, the renowned midwife Ina May Gaskin.

A rare depth and breadth of training with master teachers in Voice, David Smukler, Authentic Movement, Judith Koltai, and Kathak Dance, Joanna de Souza, reinforces Crescence’s understanding of Yoga as a spontaneous union with the Creative force. It is everyone’s birthright.